Wm. Pamplin (elder)

William’s business card for his nursery in Chelsea. Note the fashionable pineapple. Card now in the Garden Museum


William Pamplin’s father, also William (1740-1805 ) was born in Halstead, Essex.  The family had lived there for several generations.  William’s mother was Frances Wildsmith, who was born in Doncaster.  It is not clear how they met.  They were married in St. Botolph’s church, Bishopsgate, London in 1767.  Perhaps Frances was in domestic service, a lady’s maid or similar?

William was born in Walthamstow in 1768.  It is likely that the Pamplin family were nurserymen.  The first evidence we have about him comes from a group of letters passed down the family and still extant, written to him by his fiancée Harriot Dench commencing in 1792.  At hat time William was working for the Ironmaster Richard Crawshay, laying out his garden at Cyfarthfa.  See here for information about the Crawshay family and Cyfarthfa.

His drawing of Cyfarthfa Ironworks (now in the Cyfarthfa Castle Museum, Merthyr Tydfyl)  here and here.